Deane Seeger

Director of Sales

I attended the University of Washington where I earned degrees in Natural Science and Education. I was certified to teach K-6 elementary school and 6-12 in biology, physics and chemistry. After school, I went on to manage apparel factories in the US and Central America, focusing on operations, bag and apparel production, and warehouse management. In my early days at True North I ran our bag and clothing production, but in 2008 I moved into a sales role, where I am today.

One of my favorite parts of my job is bringing protective apparel to the industrial safety market. It is incredible to know that the clothing we make protects workers from potentially serious injuries. One story that comes to mind is when I was working at a trade show and a gentleman came up to me and said, “Deane, I want you to know that you make really good clothing.” He then showed me a photo of him wearing our Exxtreme jacket right after he had been involved in an ARC flash event. During the event our jacket protected him from being injured and he walked away without a single burn. That story allowed me to see a real-life example of how protective our products truly are, and reminded me just how important the work we do is.

Throughout my career and my personal life, I have always believed in being upfront and transparent. Being honest and forthright gives an individual credibility that earns them the respect of everyone around them.

Outside of work, I am a hobby wine grape grower and winemaker. I love to cook and pair my wines with foods from around the world.