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Jacqueline LeClair

Director of Marketing

When I was 12, my dad tapped me to ghostwrite his creative writing papers for the college class he was enrolled in. I routinely got top grades on “his” papers, which simultaneously gave me confidence and created an insufferable pre-teen wordsmith. This was the perfect tee up for the field of marketing and content creation.

I began my studies at Bellevue College, and later transferred to the University of Washington to attend the Michael G. Foster School of Business. I worked full time while attending college, allowing me to accelerate my learning and directly apply the principles of marketing in real time. Fast forward over fifteen years; I’ve worked as a marketing professional in a variety of industries, including healthcare and commercial development. While marketing practices can be similar across business sectors, I did not fully connect with the products I was promoting until I came to True North Gear. I’m incredibly proud of the gear we make for first responder and industrial safety communities, which are designed to protect and support workers in the dangerous tasks they perform.

When I started with True North Gear, I was a one-person department. With the support of our leadership, I have grown the marketing department into a team of specialized marketers who work creatively to support our customers across multiple points of engagement. Together, we connect the fire and industrial safety communities with the lifesaving products we make, always mindful that marketing is a cross-departmental collaboration structured to benefit and support customer needs from every entry point.

As for my life outside the company, I separate everything as “B.C.” and “A.C.” – before children and after children. Life at the moment is all about weekend swim meets with my daughter, gymnastic class with my toddler and weekend trips to the lake with my family. I’m knee-deep in that thing called raising a family, and I feel blessed even when it gets a little crazy!