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Michael Batson

Director of Innovation

My career began following earning Business and MBA degrees at Clemson University. Later, I attended the Institute of Textile Technology, where I earned a Master’s Degree in Textile Engineering. I have worked 30 years in the textile industry with more than half of that time being focused on flame-resistant and protective textiles, clothing and gear.

My first exposure to flame resistant textiles was in being part of a business development task force for Milliken, where we did a deep dive into the protective textiles market segment. Our team created a business case to enter the FR workwear fabric market along with making recommendations to purchase several competitors.

Over the next few years, Milliken acquired two FR fabric companies, becoming the largest player in the US protective fabric market. In 2009, I joined Polartec as the Global Business Manager for flame resistant fabrics where my team created the first full FR knit garment layering system for workwear. Later I took on responsibility for the US Military business unit. The knit FR layering system concept was widely embraced by consumers and other participants in the North American market.

In 2017, I joined True North Gear to lead their Product Development effort and most recently my role was enhanced to focus on material innovation and new business development. By coupling the development of new proprietary fabrics and technologies while also partnering with customers in new markets and through new business models, I am helping our company develop steady and sustainable growth.

When I am not working, I enjoy hiking, gardening, tinkering with cars, fishing, and spending time with my family.