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The basic requirements for participating in the Alpha Team Wear Trial + Fit Model program are as follows:

  1. Alpha Team members must be 18 years or older to participate.
  2. Alpha Team members must be currently employed or be an active volunteer of any of the following industries; Structural Fire, Wildland Fire, Forestry Service, Utility Lineman, or Oil & Gas. Proof of employment or volunteer status may be required.
  3. Alpha Team members must have and maintain at least 1 active Social Media account on a well-known platform with a dedicated base of followers, and can additionally demonstrate sustained engagement.
  4. Alpha Team members must be a bad ass within their industry!

It's simple! Post, tweet, Instagram, blog and share our products with your followers! Your visible use of our products in the field will influence and educate end users about our gear, so share photos of you doing what you do while wearing our jackets or using our packs in the field.


Yes! As an Alpha Team Brand Ambassador, your participation in promoting True North Gear + DragonWear gear and garments is a vital part of our engagement strategy. Any products or clothing we send to you will be yours to keep, free of charge. Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with you that will result in a long term partnership of promoting and sharing our products with your social media fans.


The only involvement we ask of you is your time. Otherwise, the gear provided to you is complimentary and we cover the cost of all shipments and any other related cost that may arise.


Alpha Team Brand Ambassador members will be required to post specific images and captions of the gear in use. These posts will be determined and agreed upon beforehand, and must conform to our guidelines and best practices for all posts, reviews, blogs, etc. (such as; correct product name with corresponding ® or ™ symbols, high resolution images that clearly show product, etc.). Further guidelines will be provided to all Alpha Team Brand Ambassador members upon receipt into the program. In addition, members agree to tag or share all posts with our social media accounts as well as utilize our brand hashtags in each post; #truenorthgear #toughtoolsfortoughjobs #dragonwear #theclothesyoulivein #comfortandprotection #teamtruenorth #teamdragonwear #alphateam


Our code of conduct revolves around our Company Core Values; Integrity, Ownership, Creativity, Wow and Fun. We ask that all Alpha Team members abide by these standards during participation in the program, and conduct themselves in a manner that aligns with these values.


True North Gear + DragonWear reserves the right to disqualify and revoke members from Alpha Team participation, cancel pending rewards or marketing/social media participation by Alpha Team members, and to amend this Promotion or Agreement at any time without notification to Alpha Team members at the sole discretion of the Company. True North Gear + DragonWear additionally reserves the right to cancel the Alpha Team program at any time at the sole discretion of the Company.

Alpha Team members agree that if any of their communications associated with this membership are deemed offensive or inappropriate, that membership will be deemed ineligible and they will be disqualified from receiving any further reward or recognition from True North Gear + DragonWear. The following behavior when representing the company, brand, products and any other related association, is prohibited.

Communications may not;
  1. Contain unlawful material, including but not limited to materials that may violate another's intellectual property rights, or links to a site that contains such material;
  2. Contain information that promotes or links to a site that provides information about or promotes illegal activity;
  3. Promote, depict or link to material that promotes or depicts discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin,physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or age;
  4. Contain, promote or link to sexually explicit or violent material;
  5. Use the Company's logos, brand names, banners, images, videos, or any other property on their own websites, which isusually referred to as copyright or trademark infringement, and is illegal.
  6. Be, for any reason, deemed unsuitable by the Company;
  7. In short, please only use ethical, honest means to promote our company and/or products, and only with prior permission. If you have a unique idea to promote our products, or any other questions regarding the marketing aspect of the Alpha Team program, please send all inquiries to