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IMPORTANT: Read this informational guide before wearing your DragonWear garment for the first time. 

DragonWear garments meet the performance requirements of ASTM F1506 standard performance specification for Flame Resistant and Electric Arc Rated Protective Clothing Worn by Workers Exposed to Flames and Electric Arcs.

This garment meets the performance and labeling requirements for ANSI 107-2020 or CSA Z96:22 High Visibility Safety Apparel. Garments that meet a high visibility performance standard will carry additional labeling stating the performance standards met.


This garment, when worn properly can serve to minimize the extent of a burn injury. No garment can eliminate or prevent all the risk associated with a burn injury. This garment is not intended for structural or wildland firefighting environments. Knowledge and education regarding on-the-job hazards and the appropriate levels and types of protective garments appropriate for the job are the responsibility of the employer and the garment end user. DragonWear garments are labeled regarding the safety compliance standards against which they are certified.

Dragonwear garments are intended to be worn on job sites where ASTM F1506 arc rated protective clothing is required.

Some work environments also require DragonWear garments that are compliant to high visibility standards ANSI 107-2020 or CSA Z96:22


For correct fit, try on garment prior to washing or service. Garments should be selected to be loose fitting and provide the least amount of hindrance in movement. High Visibility garments are sometimes necessary to provide daytime or night-time visibility as determined by your organization’s safety officer. Please consult our garment fitting recommendations and sizing chart for making proper body measurements to achieve the very best garment fit. See Product Sizing Charts


After you have determined your new garment fits correctly, the garment should be washed and dried before placing into service. All labels provided with the garment cannot and should not be removed or marked through and made illegible.


When putting on a top of body garment; put top on, securely fasten all center front and sleeve cuff buttons. Zip up any garment zippers as needed to ensure full body coverage from the garment. When doffing tops; unfasten buttons or zippers as needed to remove the garment. When donning pants and bottoms; pull garment up and over the hip, secure zipper fly closed and button if applicable. When doffing bottoms; unbutton, unzip fly and remove bottoms. When donning both a top and bottom to be worn together as uniform, ensure the top is fully tucked into the pant or provides complete skin coverage in the area where the two garments overlap. Non-FR clothing should NOT be worn over or underneath FR garments.


Store garments away from direct sunlight as ultra-violet light may degrade fabrics, trims, and color over time. Keep garments away from extreme temperatures and store them in a clean and dry environment.


Wash DragonWear garments in cold or warm water (120-140 degrees F). Unless heavily soiled, to reduce fading of dark colors like navy and black wash garments in cold water. For drying, flat dry or tumble dry on low heat. Wash all new garments before use. Wash and dry FR garments separately from non-FR garments. Turn garment inside out before laundering. For jackets with zippers, for best results, fully zip garment before wash. Do not use starch, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or fabric softeners when laundering.


We recommend that you inspect your FR garment before and after each use on the job to look for any damage or signs of contamination. Upon inspection, reasons for removing a garment from service for repair or disposal may include fabric rips or tears, broken seams or trims, missing or damaged closure hardware such as buttons, fasteners and zippers. A garment may also need to be removed from service if it has been contaminated with chemicals that cannot be thoroughly removed through proper laundering. A garment that has been exposed to a flash fire or arc flash should be removed from service.


Garment repairs will be made by the garment manufacturer using the same components contained within the garment. Garments that have exceeded their safe, serviceable life due to wear and tear where there is visible fabric damage, holes, failed seams, or broken hardware should be retired, taken out of service, and then recycled or destroyed according to the appropriate State guidelines as applicable.


At DragonWear, we proudly guarantee the quality, craftmanship and performance of every one of our products.

All items do have a limited lifetime that will vary depending on the item and use. Variables can include, but are not limited to the type of garment, type of work environment, laundering method, and length of exposure to the work environment. It is the responsibility of the issuing entity, authorized on-site person, employer or wearer to evaluate the serviceability of the garment.

High Visibility garments that are compliant to ANSI 107 or CSA-Z96 utilize reflective tape that is attached to the garment via an adhesive or sewing. The expected service life of reflective tape can be up to 60 launderings depending on working and laundering conditions.