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Oct 04

Dominique A.

A Week In Review: 9/29 - 10/5

Posted by Dominique A.

This week on True North Gear®:

1. Tuesday was National Fire Pup Day! Thank you to the fearless dogs that have the courage to stand with our firefighters.


2. Hey @Hilary_FranzCPL, we hear you’re thinking about running for governor. May we suggest a campaign bag?

hilary-franz_2.png  _campaign-bag_.jpg.png

3. Protect your personal vehicle by sealing contaminated gear with the airtight, waterproof Decon™ Bag.


4. Fall Sale happening now on the True North | DragonWear Outlet Store. Stock up on your favorite products and save up to 50% Off!

5. "We must define a cultural strategy to prevent carcinogenic contaminants in the cab, thus reducing job-related illness and living healthier lives." - Biran Brown

Read the article here


6. True North Gear® headed to Louisiana last weekend for Burn'n in Da Bayou with Aaron Heller of On Scene Training Associates. The training included the best decon practice to follow using our New Decon™ Bag.

bidb_1.png  bidb_2.png  bidb_3.png  bidb_4.png   

bidb_5.png  bidb_6.png  bidb_7.png  bidb_8.png

7. Aaron Heller of On Scene Training goes in-depth on the importance of following a good decon practice on the job.

A Week In Review: 9/29 - 10/5
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