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Two brand-new wildland fire packs are joining the True North catalog at the start of the new year.

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Sep 24

TNG Staff

New and Improved L2 RIT Bag

Posted by TNG Staff

We heard you! We’ve been listening to your comments and complaints about our L2 RIT bag and spent the last few months improving it to be even better. New changes include added rivets to the skid plate for better durability, reflective on the back for a 360 degree view and much more.

Check out our new L2 Information Sheet

See any changes that you'd still like to see? Let us know. Our products are inspired by your requests and feedback, so if you’ve ever felt there was some way to improve our products or service - even if it’s only a little bit – we’d sure love to hear from you.

New and Improved L2 RIT Bag
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