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Accessory Pocket

Holds a water bottle, energy bars and other personal items, or canine treats for dog handlers. This Accessory …

Alice Clips

It works by sliding the back gate up or to the open position, attaching it to your gear and then sliding it on…

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Decon Bag / 75L

The Decon Bag has a very important job; to protect the firefighter from cancer-causing contaminates left on di…

Fire Shelter Case

The New Generation Fire Shelter Case holds the new, larger fire shelter and attaches to the bottom of all True…

Fireball Bag

The Fireball offers everything the Spitfire pack does, just in a more streamlined, teardrop-shaped package.Fea…

Firefly Frame Red

Got caught in an ember shower and you need to replace half the pack? This is the part for you. NFPA 1977 certi…

Firefly Gear Bag

Our load swallowing 2200 cu in gear bag, means you can take it all with you when you're working the line. With…

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Fleece Balaclava

Our Balaclava gives you a foolproof way to stay both warm and safe. Made with wind-resistant Tri-Blend Super F…