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Hi-Vis Yellow Neck Gaiter

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Available in both Hi-Vis Yellow and Hi-Vis Orange. Shield against the harshest of winter conditions while staying warm with our line of fleece neck gaiters. The Hi-Vis Neck Gaiter provides lightweight, breathable, wind-resistant, water-repellent warmth that's also fire-resistant

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  • Inherently fire and arc resistant
  • Breathable and wind-resistant neck gaiter that provides superior winter warmth
  • Folded down keeps the neck warm, extend to cover face
  • Moisture-wicking blend of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers
  • Knit fleece using a soft velour fabric for the front and back of the neck gaiter for comfortable fit
  • Made using hi-vis yellow or orange fabric with hi-vis stitching 
  • Durable wash and wear performance 
  • Wash-fading resistant 
  • Two piece construction on the back of the neck gaiter 
  • Excellent facewear for workplace social distancing
  • Materials: Inherent Blend FR Fabric
  • Weight: 12 oz/sq yard