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Two brand-new wildland fire packs are joining the True North catalog at the start of the new year.

Product Care

Packs and Duffles:

  • NOTE: Wash packs in a FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE ONLY OR IN LAUNDERING BAG to prevent the webbing and/or pack from getting caught in the agitator and being damaged.
  • Remove your personal belongings (obvious, yet frequently overlooked)
  • Pull out the frame sheet and foam pad from pack
  • Clean off excessive dirt and foliage by hand
  • Connect all buckles and tighten straps
  • Wash in a front load machine only with warm water and a mild detergent
  • Tumble dry low or air dry
  • For odor removal try Turnout Gear Cleaner ( / 888-727-3230)
  • If possible, store your pack in a cool, dry place.

Hydration Reservoirs:

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Hydro-Speed Reversible Reservoirs
One of the key benefits of True North's Hydro-Speed Reversible Reservoir is the ability to easily clean and dry it after each use, thus extending the product's lifetime.  Since micro-organisms grow in water, the most critical element to cleaning a hydration reservoir is drying. This is where the reversible design proves its superiority.

Steps to Clean and Dry

  • Remove the top slider and empty remaining liquid.
  • Reach hand inside reservoir, grab the bottom, and then pull to reverse; turning the reservoir inside out.
  • Wash using hot tap water and mild soap, removing any residue.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Let stand in reversed state to dry completely.
  • To store, return to original state or keep in the reversed position depending on your preference.

Drink Tube Cleaning

The first step is to disconnect drink tube, then rinse the inside tube with hot tap water from the connector end while holding the opposite end lower and pinching the valve to flush the system.


The material used in Hydro-Speed reservoirs, Polyurethane, is chosen for strength and flexibility.  It is porous and can be stained like fabric.  Reservoir staining is generally caused by food coloring used in liquids.  This staining does not affect the functionality of the reservoir, yet can be difficult to remove.  A company called Clean Ethics has engineered a chlorine free, non-toxic, and biodegradable tablet that is safe for virtually any surface, called Bottle Bright.  This product is designed to combat stains and odors and is perfect for hydration bladders.

Plastic Taste

The material used in the Hydro-Speed reservoirs, Polyurethane, is chosen for superior strength and flexibility over reservoirs made from Polyethylene.  Some users can initially notice a plastic taste which can be reduced by simply squeezing juice from a lemon into the reservoir, filling it with water,  then place in the freezer.   After frozen, remove, thaw, and rinse.


  • Machine wash cold separately, do not overload the machine
  • Considering turning garments inside out to increase the life span
  • Use standard laundering soaps when washing garments
  • Do not use fabric softeners, starch or bleaches of any kind
  • To prevent excessive shrinkage, do not overdry
  • To dry garments, hang up to air dry or tumble dry low
  • Do not iron or dry clean the garments
  • Avoid leaving garments in direct sunlight to prevent fading
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