A WEEK IN REVIEW: 7/21- 7/27

Written 10.11.19 | By Dominique A.

In case you missed it here's what happened this week on True North Gear®:

1. Don't forget to bring your hammocks to work, Monday was National Hammock Day!

Fun Fact: The original hammock dates to thousands of years ago in Central America. Its original purpose was to protect people from dirt and insects.

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3. Firefighters know how to do it best. Congrats on being the highest satisfying job in America! | Read Article

4. The research is on! The Firefighter Research Group is collaborating with female firefighters around the nation to create bunker gear fit for their needs, so they can do their jobs safely and confidently. | Read Article

5. The Decon™ Bag has a very important job; to protect the firefighter from cancer-causing contaminates left on dirty turnout gear.

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6. "I think it helps provide more public exposure so that when individuals are driving through such a pretty part of our state they recognize that in order to protect that beauty, wildlife and livelihood, we lost a young man." - Kristen Baker-Dickinson, Clearwater Unit manager | Read the Article

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