A WEEK IN REVIEW: 7/28 - 8/3

Written 10.11.19 | By Dominique A.

This week on True North Gear®:

1. Now that we have celebrated both Mother and Father's Day, let's celebrate National Parents' Day!

We hope you had quality time with your parents on Sunday! It's definitely not an easy job and we appreciate all you do for us.

2. Brian Oberweiser of MES Fire shares his preferred process for packing his Decon™ Bag.

"The material seems like it will hold up to the firefighting environment yet be light enough that it won't be cumbersome to add to a gear bag or for storage." - Brian Oberweiser

3. Easily carry your chainsaw in our Chainsaw Pack.

  • 3 drawstring pockets for fuel, water, and other essentials
  • SCS Suspension System
  • Axe scabbard
  • Attach fire shelter case to belt with Alice clips

Watch how to load & fit the Pack

4. To Future Female Firefighters / EMS‼️

There is a free weekend workshop starting on October 26 - 27 at Seattle Fire Department. There will be a discussion panel, hands-on-training and more! Sign Up by September 30!

5. In celebration of National Mountain Climbing Day, we're doing a Giveaway!

How to Enter to Win the Vintage Firefly™ Pack:

1. Share this post

2. Fill out this form

Giveaway ends on Friday, August 23rd. Good luck everyone!

6. Severe weather conditions have resulted in the growing concern of heat stress.

Beat the heat this summer with 3 heat stress prevention tips from our latest blog post.

7. The first Saturday of August is proclaimed as National Campfire Day!

It's the time to relax and spend the day (or night) with great company enjoying the last few weeks of summer.