Written 10.14.19 | By TNG Staff

This year at FDIC we showed off True North's Element's FR Sweatshirt and introduced you to our Dual Compliant Pants, available in Summer 2014. We're pleased to offer those at the station the safety and comfort our clothing is known for.

The Element's FR Sweatshirt is the job shirt that does it all! Not only does the lofted fleece interior make it warm and soft the exterior is wind and water-resistant, shedding rain and snow. The fade-resistant fabric looks great even after 100 commercial launderings. The left-hand zippered pocket has pen slots to keep everything organized. Like all our DragonWear products, the Element’s inherent fire-resistant will never wash out or wear out for the life of the garment.

Our brand new Dual Compliant Pants are NFPA 1975 certified for the station and with a crisp uniform look (you can even order them with or without the cargo pockets). They are also NFPA 1977 certified for wildland, so if you get a call while on shift, all you have to do is throw on a brush shirt. That's two pairs of pants for the price of one! They also have many design features such as removable ankle straps, an elastic side waist for a comfortable fit, and oversized, deep pockets.