TNG Month in Review: February 2020

1. Introducing our two new wildland pack additions:

The Phantom Pack

The Fastback Pack

3. Jordan Bedell is not only a firefighter and EMS but off-duty, he runs a youth program to help provide a positive environment for students.

4. For Valentines Day to show how much we love our firefighters, we gave one lucky firefighter our 25L Amabilis® Duffel. Congrats to Chris Enright!

5. To help improve the department-wide issue of decreased volunteer times and recruitment, the Maynard Fire Department is participating in the Bunk-In program.


6. A 70 ft. tall thank you spread across Time Square for all the firefighters that fought the Australian Bushfires. 

7. This month's featured products:

Saw Bar Cover

Firefly Pack

    Dispatch Duffel

      Wildland Gear

        Campaign Bag

          Amabilis Duffel 80L