Written 10.14.19 | By TNG Staff

The Palm Bay Fire Department is a five station, 117 person career department serving over 100,000 citizens. They're in the midst of a large turnover in senior personnel due to retirement and a serious budget reduction has left no funds for training purposes

For three days, the On Scene Training instructors provide them with Engine and Truck Company Operations skills that they will be able to practice and continue to utilize daily. Topics will include; forcible entry, rotary saw care and operations, advancing the hoseline, garden apartment hose loads and deployment, and much more.

At True North Gear we believe that it’s critical that firefighters continue to get the training to stay safe and ensure the safety of others and we want to make sure that the loss in funding and experience in this Florida fire department won’t severely affect the new firefighters or the community they serve.

In the past we have worked with other Fire Departments nationwide to help provide them with the necessary training when funds have been low. Check out our video when we working with the Charleston Fire Department. If you would like to inquire about training for your department please email for the application process.