Written 10.14.19 | By Jacqueline L.

Recently, our good friend Carl Haddon of Five Star Fire Training and On Scene Training Associates sent us an email (below) about our True North Gear® Rolling Duffle, fondly nicknamed the ‘Beast’ by users of this heavy-duty bag. Not only do we love hearing commentary from long time users of our gear, but also about how our products go above and beyond their assigned uses to assist in unexpected ways. Keep reading!

“Here’s a quick story involving True North Gear. My son Patrick (18) was chosen to play hockey on a Team USA Olympic Development program squad in Switzerland last week. We were here in Central America [on work assignment] when we got the panicked call from Patrick that his Hockey Gear Bag "disintegrated" as he was trying to get packed and out the door for his flight to Europe. With no spare hockey bags to be had, all that I could think to do was to see if he could use my battle-worn old red True North Gear Rolling Duffle.

As you will see from the photo below, True North Gear came to the rescue for a member of Team USA, and the gear bag performed fantastically as a hockey bag. Team USA played a different team each of the 5 nights that they were in Europe, and his gear bag never missed a beat! One of the best things is that we had no worries that the True North Gear Rolling Duffle would meet airline regulations. Additionally, with all of Patrick's assorted hockey gear and skates, the bag zipped fine and weighed in at only 38lbs, well within the airline weight limit. Trust me when I tell you that you guys really saved the day for our son, as he represented the USA in Switzerland this last week.”

-Carl J. Haddon
Director at Five Star Fire Training / On Scene Training Associates

Check out the “Beast” Rolling Duffle online.