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Alyx Fier

Founder / CEO

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quick facts

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Pets: One dog

Personal Quote: "Life is too important to be taken seriously", Oscar Wilde

Favorite True North Product: Yukon Neck Gaiter 'cause if my neck is cold, I'm cold

Everything we make is used to save a life, or protect a life. That's makes feel humble and proud at the same time.

I've always loved to invent stuff, going back to when I was a little kid. I think I get it from my grandfather, he was an inventor too. I've never had any training in design or engineering, but I have a knack for being able to see objects in 3-D in my mind and rotate them while adding or changing features. Before I even start sketching a design I've already fully visualized how it will function, look, and go together and done most of the design problem solving. The thing I do best, and enjoy the most, is designing for function and trying to reduce the concept to its simplest form while still maintaining maximum utility.

When I'm not working on new designs or marketing concepts I like to be out in the wilderness. My passions are skiing, back packing, hiking, bicycle touring, single-track and adventure travel. After college I spent two years biking and hiking through Europe and Africa. I've also spent extensive time in Alaska working in the bush and on a fishing boat in Kodiak. I'm married and have a set of twins (girl & boy). I feel very fortunate to have a job that lets me help protect lives, and work with so many great people.

My favorite product is my Double Diamond lumbar pack, one of our original recreation packs. I use it as my man-purse and carry it every where. It's incredibly versatile for carrying almost nothing or stuffing-out for all-day back country adventure. I especially love it for long-distance travel and have taken it all over the world.

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