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FR Waterproof Leg Gaiters

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Dragonwear® Waterproof FR Leg Gaiters provide you with an extra layer of protection from foul weather, water, and the insults of thorns and brambles when bushwhacking.

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  • Interior lined with Nomex® FR Fabric that utilizes a 100% waterproof coating
  • Durable Kevlar® and Nomex® Rip-Stop uppers with waterproof Ara-Shield® lowers
  • Rip-and-Stick 2" wide FR Velcro closures allow easy on and off
  • Gaiters are secured on top with 3/4" wide FR webbing
  • FR webbing straps positioned to not interfere with pole climbing equipment

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  • Materials: Upper 7.2 oz (Kevlar, Nomex, Lower, 16.0 oz (Para Aramid)