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Alpha Vest

$214.95 - $254.95
Our Alpha™ Vest offers permanent FR protection inherent in our lightweight, breathable, wind-resistant a…

Big Chill Beanie

Light-weight and fire-resistant warmth that's easy to keep handy for when the temperature drops. Designed to b…

Now 2112

Double Shot Hat

Contoured hat band wraps the ears and back of head. Features lightweight, breathable, water-repellent warmth t…

Elements Flak Jacket

$239.95 - $249.95
The Elements Flak Jacket is a revolution in the FR performance outerwear market; an innovative fusion of Eleme…

Elements FR Sweatshirt

$169.95 - $209.95
Bring on the wind, rain, or snow. Our Elements FR Dual Hazard Sweatshirt redefines what you can expect with a …

Elements Nova Jacket

$259.95 - $319.95
Introducing our NEW Elements Nova Jacket in hi-vis yellow. The combination of DragonWear's proprietary, inhere…

Now 2112

Fleece Balaclava

Our Balaclava gives you a foolproof way to stay both warm and safe. Made with wind-resistant Tri-Blend Super F…

Flip-Top Mitten

Our Flip-Top Mitten keeps fingers toasty warm in the chilliest of temperatures while providing ease of access …