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High-Rise Hose Strap

Strap consists of 4 quick release color-coded hook and loop closures. U-Shaped design keeps hose center of gra…

L-2 RIT Bag

Made with the exclusive Iron-Cloth™, the L-2 RIT Bag sets a new standard for rescue bags. The ultra toug…

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Amabilis® Duffel / 25L

Termed "the world's toughest duffel," the Amabilis® 25L bag packs in a wide range of performance features guar…

Campaign Bag

Travel bag with a new waterproof DrySafe™ dry bag, large exterior pocket for tents, and new removable to…

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Dispatch™ Duffel

Tame your turnout gear with the Dispatch™ duffel, an 80L bag designed to fit all your gear comfortably. …

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Velocity™ Briefcase

The Velocity™ Briefcase is designed for the safety specialist that is on the move, the Velocity™ p…

Accessory Pocket

Holds a water bottle, energy bars and other personal items, or canine treats for dog handlers. This Accessory …