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Ironshield® Durable Overlay

Rugged jobs call for even more rugged gear. We put pencil to paper to design something that could stand up to the toughest jobs, and what we came up with was DragonWear® IRONSHIELD® DURABLE OVERLAY. When you rely on clothing that employs this fabric, you can count on durability and extreme abrasion resistance. We wanted something you can trust, even when you’re wearing your gear day after day. This fabric is used as an overlay in areas where your clothing is subject to the most wear, so you are protected from tears and abrasion. We also employ this technology on hi-vis clothing, to protect your clothing from stains.

This proprietary fabric also features permanent flame resistance, which won’t melt or drip, for jobs that get up close and personal with unpredictable burns. This is just one way we seek to support you while you’re on the job.

IRONSHIELD® technology is our proprietary abrasion-resistant printed creation that got near perfect scoring in Martindale abrasion testing after 15,000 abrasion testing cycles. What’s really amazing is that the special print we use has been found to have better abrasion resistance to rubbing than our previous fabrics and also maintains more of its stretch after printing.


  • Inherently flame resistant
  • Resists UV Fading
  • Durable water repellency sheds rain and snow
  • Excellent stretch
  • Outstanding breathability
  • Wind resistant
  • Weight: 12.0 oz sq/yd.


  • Machine wash lukewarm (up to 40°C, 105°F). 
  • Tumble dry low temperature. 
  • Do not bleach. 
  • Avoid the use of fabric softeners. 
  • Do not iron and do not dry clean.

How to Layer

Layering allows you to wear several lighter, more breathable garments that wick away moisture, defeat odors and allow for greater mobility. As working conditions change due to fluctuating temperatures and more or less strenuous work, you can add or remove layers as necessary to maximize your comfort. The basic, go-to layering system is three parts: an inner (base) layer which manages moisture and perspiration, a middle (insulating) layer for insulation and trapping heat, and an outer (protection) layer which acts as a protective barrier against the elements like snow and wind.

When tested together, layered FR garments often have a higher arc rating than the sum of the individual pieces. Let your clothing work for you by making sure they work together.

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