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First developed in 1972, Lyocell is regarded as one of the most sustainable and versatile fibers used in a range of products including clothing and bedding. It is biodegradable and does not produce any harmful by-products that can cause harm to its surrounding environments. Being a natural material, Lyocell is derived from wood cellulose and pulp. Wood is gathered (mainly from oak, birch or eucalyptus trees from well-managed forests) and then broken down through a chemical process into a "sludge-like" substance. Once in this new state, the materials are then "regenerated" into fibers that can be woven to create soft, elastic, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric.

At True North Gear, Lyocell is used in a variety of our fabric blends we source and use in the FR clothing we produce.


Each month, we collect nearly 1000 lbs of unused sewing and cutting scraps in our seattle headquarters. Instead of sending it to a landfill, we recycle this material and even use a portion of it to create other products. In fact, a large reason that True North/DragonWear began making fleece hats was to find an alternate use for the unused jacket material to avoid throwing it away.


Many of True North's large fabric suppliers have a variety of recycling and sustainability programs in place. TenCate Protective Fabrics sources 100% of it's materials from sustainable fibers through its Tecawork™ Ecogreen program. These materials include Lyocell that is derived from sustainably-sourced wood and mechanically-recycled polyester from PET (Polyethylene Terephtalate) bottles. PET is commonly used to make plastic bottles, bags, and other forms of packaging. Antex is another supplier of True North Gear that practices sustainability efforts through the EcoAntex™ initiative. Antex also sources its materials from PET packaging as well as post-industrial waste from the textile chain to create a more eco-friendly supply cycle.

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At True North Gear, we offer a lifetime warranty and repair for our products. This provides a dual benefit in that it offers our customers an improved experience and ultimately prolongs the lifetime of our gear. The longer your gear is out on the field, the less resources that are required to produce new equipment and it allows us to scale down on wasteful practices.

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1% for the Planet

We've partnered with 1% for the Planet in an effort to help fund organizations that keep our earth thriving and most importantly, sustainable.

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American Forests

As new partners of American Forests, we've pledged to plant 10,000 trees throughout 2020 across California, Colorado and Arkansas. 

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