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Two brand-new wildland fire packs are joining the True North catalog at the start of the new year.

Cal Fire PPE Working group approved

calfire.jpgOutlined below are the specifications for the FireFly, SpitFire, and Spyder Gear Fireline packs compared to the Acting Chief Deputy Director Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Memo dated May 22, 2003 F40.

All of the fabric, fasteners, webbing, zippers, and other hardware used in our packs and pack accessories meet or exceed U.S. Forest Service specifications for fireline packs 5100-605 and 5100-86B.

Specification CAL Fire Specification True North Specification
Nylon melting point 450 Degrees Fahrenheit 500 Degrees Fahrenheit
Fire shelter cases Attach to web belt Attach to web belt or the pack
Canteen holder for web belt Two 1-quart canteens (minimum) that attach to the web belt Optional - Accessory pockets each hold 1-quart canteens and attach to web belt
Reflective Striping Optional Standard
Portable Radio Harnesses Permitted Optional - Attach to shoulder harness
Materials meet or exceed the USFS specs for Fireline Packs: 5100-605 & 5100-86B YES

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