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Written 10.14.19 | By Jacqueline L.

"Keeping firefighters as cool as possible on the job and reducing the overall stress on the body is not only desirable, but also lifesaving." - Todd McNeal, fire chief of Twain Harte Fire and Rescue in Tuolumne County, CA

At True North® our focus is always on the safety and comfort of our customers, especially the Firefighters who battle the massive wildland fires that spread across the country every year. With fire season stretching out longer each year, fire teams are taking their preparations to the next level to have their men and women stay safe while on the line.

In our new Wildland Firefighter White Paper, we cover the potential cardiovascular dangers associated with a fire fighter’s core temperature, and outline the necessary steps of using proper hydration and heat-stress reducing gear to help keep core temperature in the safe zone.

Download our complimentary Wildland Firefighting White Paper to education yourself and your team on balancing thermal protection with comfort and heart health.