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01.18.24 | True North

The Ecological Importance of Wildland Fires

Wildland fires have a reputation for being destructive forces that negatively affect the environment due to the large-scale destruction they cause. However, scientists real... Continue Reading

11.28.23 | True North

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Wildland Firefighters

With the holiday season fast approaching, finding the perfect gift for the wildland firefighter in your life can be challenging, so we've put together a gift guide that compiles... Continue Reading

10.23.23 | True North

Preparing for Reintegration: Tips for Wildland Firefighters Before Returning Home

After the intense demands and adrenaline-filled days of fire season, returning to daily life can be a challenging transition for many wildland firefighters.

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07.12.23 | True North

Fire Watch: July 2023

Stay up-to-date on the latest July wildland fire activity in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

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06.27.23 | True North

The History of Wildland Fire Shelters

Fire shelters have a rich history, born out of a need to provide a last resort for firefighters facing the wrath of wildfires. They play a critical role in providing a last line... Continue Reading

06.29.23 | True North

Honoring Our Heroes on Wildland Firefighter Appreciation Day

True North Gear commemorates wildland firefighters on Wildland Firefighter Appreciation Day this July 2nd.

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