04.26.21 | True North

Why Do Wildland Firefighters Wear Yellow?

The bright-yellow shirt is designed for use by wildland firefighters as a safety garment. Continue Reading

04.22.21 | Dragonwear , True North

Earth Day

Earth Day is a day to demonstrate and support clean living and a healthy environment for people and wildlife. It’s also a reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important... Continue Reading

04.19.21 | Dragonwear , True North

Staying True to The North - We Are Turning 29

This Year True North Gear commemorates its 29th anniversary. Continue Reading

04.09.21 | True North

Structure vs. Wildland firefighter. What’s right for you?

While some things may be evident for wildland and structure firefighters, those things aren't as apparent to the public. So, what's the difference between struc... Continue Reading

04.09.21 | True North , Dragonwear

Designed for action, ready for work. Nomex.

What is the difference between Nomex® and flame-resistant?

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03.31.21 | True North

The Danger of Ill Fitting Clothes

There aren’t many options available to women. More often than not, women have to deal with shoes that don’t fit, clothing that is too large that encumber moveme... Continue Reading