12.16.21 | Dragonwear

Importance of layering for cold weather

The proper layering will help maintain your core body heat by protecting you from cold elements like wind, rain, snow, sleet, fog, and freezing rain.

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11.22.21 | Dragonwear

The Demands of Line Workers during the Holiday Season: First Responders share their thoughts

This holiday season, True North Gear is highlighting the stories of first responders; what the holidays mean to them, the challenges they face, and what they value the... Continue Reading

11.12.21 | Dragonwear


The High Line™ Shirt is DragonWear's first fire-resistant button-down FR shirt created for utility and industrial safety workers. The newest addition to the High Line™ collectio... Continue Reading

11.12.21 | Dragonwear , True North

Art Corps and True North Gear

True North Gear is committed to supporting the local art community by sponsoring one classroom all year. Arts Corps initiative called... Continue Reading

11.04.21 | Dragonwear

Functional & Stylish: The High Line Utility Shirt

The High Line Shirt has been designed to be functional, comfortable, and stylish.

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10.21.21 | Dragonwear

DragonWear on the Powerline Podcast

Listen to Simon Levin, one of our product experts, talk with Ryan from the Powerline Podcast on "The Clothes You Live in," why we hyper-focus on the time and effort put into eac... Continue Reading