05.19.22 | Dragonwear

The Big Easy Tool Backpack, What Every Lineman needs

Designed to carry all the essential equipment used by lineworkers. The Big Easy is a top-notch backpack. 

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Earth Day: New Traditions

As the world celebrates Earth Day, so does our team at True North Gear.

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04.22.22 | True North , Dragonwear

Officially Climate Neutral Certified

Sustainability and the environment have been part of our DNA since day one. Today, we’re thrilled that we can join hundreds of Climate Neutral Certified brands in taking meaning... Continue Reading


The Fighter

In the United States, wildfires burn an average of 7million acres of private, state, and federal lands each year.

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03.25.22 | Dragonwear , True North

Staying True to The North - We Are Turning 30

This Year True North Gear commemorates its 30th anniversary. Continue Reading

03.21.22 | Dragonwear , True North

Why is customer service important?

Customer Service is how your company interacts with current and potential customers, both in daily transactions and as solutions to problem-solving when issues arise.... Continue Reading