03.29.21 | True North

Meet a Modern Day Superhero

What does it take to be a firefighter in a field that men dominate? Let’s find out!

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03.23.21 | True North

Women in Firefighting

Historically firefighting has been a male-dominated profession, with women comprising less than 20... Continue Reading

03.17.21 | Dragonwear

What is a CAT Rating? | What Level do you Need?

DragonWear garments have a reference to their CAT rating displayed on the garment — but what exactly is a CAT rating?

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How Women's PPE is Designed Differently

More often than not, women in utility, oil & gas, or industrial safety work have limited options when it comes to PPE. However, proper fit and sizing is an important component w... Continue Reading

01.26.21 | True North

NFPA 1977 Certified Wildland Clothing | Why Certified PPE is Important

From time to time, especially in years with heavy fire seasons, other lesser known garment brands often “pop up” looking to sell the market non-certified garmen... Continue Reading

01.08.21 | Dragonwear

Top 6 Things that Happened in 2020 - DragonWear Edition

Though priorities were often shifted throughout 2020, our goal and promise at DragonWear always remained consistent — to ensure that those we serve are protected. From the... Continue Reading