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06.27.23 | True North

The History of Wildland Fire Shelters

Fire shelters have a rich history, born out of a need to provide a last resort for firefighters facing the wrath of wildfires. They play a critical role in providing a last line... Continue Reading

06.29.23 | True North

Honoring Our Heroes on Wildland Firefighter Appreciation Day

True North Gear commemorates wildland firefighters on Wildland Firefighter Appreciation Day this July 2nd.

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06.13.23 | DragonWear

The Hidden Danger: Understanding Heat Stress

As temperatures rise and sunnier days linger ahead, we begin to hear about the dangers of heat stress, especially those working outdoors. But what exactly is heat stress?

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05.17.23 | True North

The Crucial Role of Controlled Burns in Wildfire Prevention

As wildfires grow exponentially year after year, it is essential to understand the methods for reducing wildfire activity, especially during peak summer months - threatening our... Continue Reading

05.02.23 | DragonWear

The Evolution of Electrical Safety Month

The history of electrical safety began in 1882 when Thomas Edison created the first commercial electrical power system that produced direct current electricity (DC) and later pr... Continue Reading

04.13.23 | True North , DragonWear

True North’s Mission: Building a Greener Future for the Planet

At True North Gear, we are proud to be part of a growing movement of companies committed to addressing climate change challenges.

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