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FR Workwear Layering Guide for Winter | DragonWear

As the winter season sets in, the utility and electrical industry faces unique challenges requiring strategic preparation. In safety, one critical aspect that can be overlooked is the significance of proper layering in Flame-Resistant (FR) workwear. Beyond simply combating the cold, layering serves as a primary defense against the unpredictable elements that lineworkers and utility professionals may face during this time of year. We'll explore the importance of layering FR workwear during the winter and how this tactical approach not only shields against harsh weather conditions but also enhances overall comfort, flexibility, and, most importantly, safety in the face of winter's challenging conditions. 

The Benefits of Layering your FR workwear

DragonWear is unique in that we designed each garment to work together to create a layering system to ensure comfort in various weather conditions. Layering your FR workwear is an effective way to manage moisture, regulate body temperature, and ensure additional protection. The layers work together to wick moisture, which helps keep the wearer warm and protected from steam burns in case of an arc flash or flash fire. Each additional layer added to the system works in tandem to increase arc protection and comfort and allows wearers to regulate their body temperature better. Adding a mid-layer or an outer layer can increase warmth. Different fabrics offer varying levels of warmth, providing more options for increased comfort. We recommend starting with a base layer, followed by a mid-layer, outerwear, and accessories.

Base Layer

Lightweight, breathable layers that dry quickly. Great for next-to-skin protection and activating the start of moisture management.


Also called the insulating layer, it is lightweight but will offer considerable warmth. 


Heavy-duty garments that offer the most warmth, water resistance, and protection. These are the go-to layers in cold weather.


Items like beanies, neck gaiters, and balaclavas can provide additional warmth and protection depending on weather conditions.

DragonWear Fabric Collections

Pro Dry®

Breathable base layers with excellent moisture management. The start of any perfect workwear layering system

Pro Dry® Tech

Breathable base layers with excellent moisture management, plus built-in UPF 50+ sun protection and Silver Plus anti-odor technology.


Provides 4-way stretch for comfort you can count on while in the field. This fabric is known to be lightweight yet warm.


Built with a high loft and durable water repellency, this fabric provides superior warmth, insulation, and weather protection.

Super Fleece™

Heavy-duty wind resistance fleece with CAT 4/ Arc Rating 40cal protection and sheds light rain and snow.

How to Layer Your FR Workwear

Moderate Conditions 

When the weather is cloudy, and temperatures are around 40 degrees, with low to moderate wind speed.

Base Layer: Pro Dry® Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve | Mid/Outer Layer: Livewire™ Qtr Zip, Elements Cyclone™ Hoodie | Accessories: Pro Dry® Tech Beanie

Cold Conditions

When the weather is cold but not extremely harsh, you can expect light to heavy rainfall with temperatures ranging between 20-40 degrees with moderate wind speed.

Base Layer: Pro Dry® Tech Long Sleeve | Mid Layer: Alpha™ Vest (Super Fleece)| Outer Layer: Exxtreme™ Jacket | Accessories: Big Chill™ Beanie, Yukon™ Neck Gaiter

Rainy Conditions

Light rainfall and occasional storms may occur throughout the day. Workers may need additional warmth and water-resistant outerwear.

Base Layer: Pro Dry® LS Hi-Vis Yellow, Hi-Vis Orange | Outer Layer: The Shield™ Jacket in Black, in Orange | Accessories: Storm™ Beanie, Livewire™ Beanie

Harsh Conditions

When temperatures drop below 20 degrees with high winds, snow, or frequent rain, workers may need heavy-duty outerwear and an additional mid-layer for extra warmth and protection.

Base Layer: Pro Dry® Long Sleeve Shirt | Mid Layer: Elements™ Flak Jacket | Outer Layer: The Shield™ Jacket in Black | Accessories: Double Shot™ Hat, Cold Warrior™ Balaclava

About DragonWear

All DragonWear® FR fabrics are inherently flame-resistant, tested in-house and at independent state-of-the-art laboratories, and pass relevant industry certifications. We use advanced proprietary fabric technology to support our design philosophy that comfort and protection are inclusive elements. Our products offer the ultimate breathable, moisture-wicking performance without sacrificing water-resistant durability and wind-repellant warmth. The permanent fire-resistant protection won't melt, drip, or wear off and cannot be washed away. Designing and delivering a quality garment each and every time is essential to the vitality of our products and our overarching mission to support and protect a customer base that operates in life-risking environments every day.