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Introducing The Daily Sock Merino Workweight

We're constantly innovating to improve the comfort and protection of those who work in challenging conditions, and we are excited to introduce our latest addition to your workwear collection: The Daily Sock Merino Workweight, our first-ever workwear socks. Constructed with a focus on all-day comfort and durability, these socks are set to redefine your experience in work boots. Made with the finest merino wool and packed with features like moisture control, lace guard cushion, arch support, and reinforced heel & toe.

The Sock That Keeps Up with Your Workday

As a professional who spends long hours on your feet, you know that comfort is not a luxury but is essential. That's why we've crafted The Daily Sock Merino Workweight, designed to elevate your experience in your work boots. Whether climbing poles or braving the elements, your feet deserve the best, and The Daily Sock delivers. It's made with merino wool, known for its natural moisture-wicking properties, temperature regulation, and exceptional comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by sweat or temperature extremes; The Daily Sock keeps your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. Wearing work boots all day requires a sock that can stand up to the challenge. It also features a moisture-control lace guard cushion to keep your feet dry and prevent irritation. Arch support ensures stability, even during long hours of standing or walking. The reinforced heel and toe add durability, ensuring that these socks are ready to tackle the rigors of your work environment. Whether in steel-toed boots, logging boots, or any work boots that define your day, The Daily Sock is designed to complement them perfectly. Its workweight thickness strikes the ideal balance, providing ample cushioning without compromising the fit of your boots. They're available in sizes Medium to X-large and are designed to pair perfectly with your work boots. With every step, you'll feel supported and comfortable.

It's not just a sock; it's a step towards unmatched comfort during your workday. Experience the comfort revolution and step into The Daily Sock today!

About DragonWear

All DragonWear® FR fabrics are inherently flame-resistant, tested in-house and at independent state-of-the-art laboratories, and pass relevant industry certifications. We use advanced proprietary fabric technology to support our design philosophy that comfort and protection are inclusive elements. Our products offer the ultimate breathable, moisture-wicking performance without sacrificing water-resistant durability and wind-repellant warmth. The permanent fire-resistant protection won't melt, drip, or wear off and cannot be washed away. Designing and delivering a quality garment each and every time is essential to the vitality of our products and our overarching mission to support and protect a customer base that operates in life-risking environments every day.