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05.30.24 | True North

The History of the Pulaski Fire Tool: Forged in Fire, Honored in History

One tool that has come to symbolize resilience and ingenuity is the Pulaski fire tool. The Pulaski has remained relatively the same for over a century, reliable in its design an... Continue Reading

05.21.24 | DragonWear

2024 Lineman Rodeo Schedule with DragonWear

Stay up-to-date on all the action-packed events happening throughout the year.

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Navigating Industry Regulations and Standards for Electrical Lineworkers

Navigating the maze of safety regulations is not only a legal requirement but also a lifeline for electrical lineworkers. The nature of their work exposes them to various risks,... Continue Reading

05.16.24 | DragonWear

Honoring the Heroes of the Grid: The History and Evolution of Power Linemen

This National Lineman's Day, we reflect on the outstanding work of these professionals and celebrate the notable figures who have made significant contributions to the industry.... Continue Reading

04.22.24 | True North

True North Gear Is Climate Neutral Recertified with The Change Climate Project

Being Climate Neutral recertified is a significant achievement for True North Gear, highlighting our ongoing efforts to minimize our environmental impact and operate in a respon... Continue Reading

03.29.24 | DragonWear

Celebrating Women in the Electrical Lineman Trade

DragonWear is proud to highlight the extraordinary women breaking down barriers and making their mark in the electrical linework industry. We had the opportunity to intervi... Continue Reading