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Honoring Our Heroes on Wildland Firefighter Appreciation Day

Written 06.26.23 | By Dominique A.

Each year wildland firefighters face challenging fire seasons that seem to extend longer than the last, but they continue to work hard to ensure our communities remain safe. As Wildland Firefighter Appreciation Day approaches on July 2nd, we’re extending our gratitude to the wildland firefighters and the fire personnel that support these men and women. In 2022, the National Interagency Fire Center declared Wildland Firefighter Day during the Week of Remembrance to honor those who risk their lives each season. By battling wildfires and mitigating their devastating impact, these brave individuals safeguard lives, homes, and forests for future generations. Together, let us celebrate and appreciate these heroes on July 2nd and every day for their unwavering dedication and profound impact on our communities and the planet we call home.