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Written 10.11.19 | By Dominique A.

In honor of National Cancer Control month, we want to bring awareness to the increased risk of cancer to firefighters and how it can be prevented. For those that may not know, National Cancer Control Month celebrates those that are currently fighting cancer, have survived it and those that have unfortunately lost the battle.

Cancer has become a growing threat amongst firefighters. Extensive research shows that they are at a higher risk than the average American. When on the job, many cancer-related carcinogens are both inhaled and absorbed through the skin. Not only that, but these carcinogens remain on any unwashed gear and clothing, including helmets and boots.

Evidence supporting the relationship between firefighters and cancer has become highly debatable. Preventing these risks is important to both firefighters and their families. Local authorities have the responsibility to pass legislation to provide the protection firefighters deserve.

There are daily routines we can all do to help prevent cancer or reduce the likelihood of it coming back. It's extremely important for firefighters, after a job, to transport their gear in a concealed bag and immediately wash their contaminated gear along with any clothing that was exposed to the burning environment. Here are some other things you can do - keep a healthy body weight, eat a balanced diet, and exercise on a regular basis. Also, notify your doctor of any critical health issues that run in your family, that way they can do the necessary examinations to help discover and prevent it early on.

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