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05.30.24 | True North

The History of the Pulaski Fire Tool: Forged in Fire, Honored in History

One tool that has come to symbolize resilience and ingenuity is the Pulaski fire tool. The Pulaski has remained relatively the same for over a century, reliable in its design an... Continue Reading

04.22.24 | True North

True North Gear Is Climate Neutral Recertified with The Change Climate Project

Being Climate Neutral recertified is a significant achievement for True North Gear, highlighting our ongoing efforts to minimize our environmental impact and operate in a respon... Continue Reading

03.12.24 | True North

Celebrating Women in Wildland Firefighting

The history of women in wildland firefighting dates back to the early 20th century, when they defied convention and societal norms to pursue their passion for firefighting. They... Continue Reading

02.29.24 | True North

A Recap of Canada's 2023 Wildfire Season and Predictions for 2024

Just as the smoke settles and the embers cool off from the fires in 2023, Canada is preparing for the new season ahead. The previous year saw the worst wildfire season in Canadi... Continue Reading

02.22.24 | True North

True North Gear News: Q1 2024

With 2024 in full swing, we're excited to share some highlights from the last few months at True North Gear with you!

Continue Reading

01.18.24 | True North

The Ecological Importance of Wildland Fires

Wildland fires have a reputation for being destructive forces that negatively affect the environment due to the large-scale destruction they cause. However, scientists real... Continue Reading