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Written 05.10.12
By Alyx Fier, CEO


Written 10.15.19 | By Alyx Fier, CEO

The Dragon Shield jacket represents a major achievement, one that was a long time in the making. Soon after creating our first fleece jackets, the Alpha and the Exxtreme, we began talking with our fabric suppliers about the potential to create an FR soft-shell material that was waterproof. One of our suppliers developed a beautiful fabric, but the cost was so high we knew the price of the finished jacket would be too expensive. However, some dreams don't fade and over the years as we continued to add products and grow Dragon Wear we continued challenging our suppliers to create a water-proof FR soft-shell fabric that wouldn't cause cardiac arrest when people saw the price tag. Finally, after many years and more than one false start, one of our suppliers created a premium quality fabric that met all our requirements at a workable price.

Once we knew we had the fabric we set to work designing a jacket that incorporated a wish-list of innovative features and styling. It took many hours, input from a wide range of end users, and countless designs and redesigns until finally we felt we had reached our dream of creating a jacket that blended function and style. The dream that is the Dragon Shield jacket.

Having realized that dream then sparked others which we are now pursuing, but that's a story for another time.