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Here at True North we know the grit it takes to get tough jobs done. After all, we created the company to solve the gear and apparel needs of first responders. We work hard to offer innovative products that protect the toughest workers.

Over the past three decades, we’ve become a global, multi-brand company, but we always remain true to our roots as a family-owned business. We put first responders’ challenges first and dedicate ourselves to keeping them safe with innovative solutions to age-old problems.

When you join the True North team, you can be sure that you’re having an impact. You also can expect to be encouraged, for your individuality, imagination and desire to play outdoors. Everything we do comes down to our five values: integrity, ownership, creativity, wow and fun.


We always push ourselves to do better. We think that’s how to build better products. Of course, sourcing the highest quality materials also plays a key role. Integrity also means supporting the community and environment with our commitment to 1% for the Planet, where one percent of all sales from our True North Gear product line go to environmental conservation. What does that look like? Click here to learn more about the organization we directly support through this commitment.


We stand behind our products proudly, offering a comprehensive warranty and return policy because we believe in what we do. We also actively seek out feedback to meet the needs of the people who use it day in, day out, because we think our customers deserve to be listened to.


We are champions of the new, but not simply for the sake of newness itself. We strive to create innovative products that solve our customer’s problems in ingenious ways. How? We hire smart, caring people to find creative solutions to complex challenges workers face every day in difficult environments.


Surprise and delight are just part of the expected with True North. Innovative, high quality products are the starting point. But we are never satisfied until we know that we've done something incredible. Something that makes each customer say, “wow.” From cutting-edge product to caring customer service, environmental conservation work to technical gear repairs, we make sure every time customers encounter True North, they feel seen, heard and understood.


Last, but certainly not least, we love to have a great time together! Whether that’s getting together for an afternoon in the park, playing games or even a night of finger-licking BBQ, we believe in kicking back after the hard work is done. Here’s a little secret: We love healthy competition and always show up for a challenge, yet never lose sight of our strength in community and teamwork. Together, we are a force.