Designed for action, ready for work. Nomex.

Your everyday clothes are made of traditional material such as cotton, wool, linen, and leather. While some are plant-based or animal-based; many other garments are composed of synthetic fibers.

I'm sure fabrics hardly cross your mind.

Suppose you're a firefighter, utility worker, electrician, electric utility lineman, military aviator, or a race car driver. In that case, you will be familiar with the synthetic fiber known as Nomex®, a fabric created to withstand extreme heat with a significant ability to reduce burn injuries.


Developed in the early 1960s by DuPont and first marketed in 1967, Nomex® is a synthetic fiber made with flame-resistant meta-aramid material/fibers. 

DuPont's research team was seeking to develop a thread with outstanding thermal resistance.

Today, Nomex® fabric is used in occupations where heat and flame resistance is required and can withstand combustion in the air and up to 700°F (350°C). This fabric does not melt or drip when exposed to high temperatures or flames, however, a maximum continuous operating temperature of 400°F is recommended.

In applications such as a firefighters’ turnout gear where exposure temperatures may be much higher, while shorter in duration, Nomex® may perform its intended function for many years and still exceed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) strength guidelines.


One of the biggest misconceptions is that all flame-resistant clothing contains Nomex®Flame-resistant clothing (FRC) refers to any clothing designed to protect wearers from flash fires and thermal exposure. FRC is required to have labels that clearly announce the level of protection they provide.

FR clothing can also contain 100% cotton, in different weights, and different blends of other fibers. Untreated cotton is not flame-resistant and will ignite and continue to burn against the skin in an arc flash event.


Our Dragonwear line uses both Tri-blend FR fabric and Nomex® fabric to provide excellent protection while delivering superior heat, flame, and arc-flash protection. These garments are designed to provide lightweight, comfortable solutions while offering uncompromising flame-resistant (FR) protection for a range of specialized occupations. We know that fire is unpredictable, dangerous, and even deadly. That is why we design our clothing with your safety in mind.

True North Gear's Wildland Pro collection features NFPA 1977 certified shirts and pants constructed from Nomex® with many appealing design features uniquely suited for wildland firefighters.

Check out our collection of our Nomex® & Tri-blend Inherent FR clothing for utility workers and wildland firefighters.