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We're Now Exclusive Partners with The Fire, Weather, & Avalanche Center

Written 03.26.20 | By Dominique A.

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center (FWAC). FWAC is a non-profit organization that provides user-friendly weather-related products, services, and information to the public with an emphasis on wildfire tracking. FWAC began their journey in February 2017 by creating tools that not only benefited back country recreationists but also for public benefit and use, as well. In partnering with the FWAC team, our efforts will assist in supporting them as they develop new tools and expand their wildfire map capabilities for the fire community.

FWAC’s website offers multiple essential tools that can help you combat Mother Nature; the Wildfire Map, the Weather Dashboard and information on lightning strikes and air quality.

Interactive Wildfire Map

The interactive fire map provides real-time information for current and active fires within a surrounding area.

Active Fires

View detailed information on an active fire in real-time by selecting the red or yellow fire icon on the map.

Map Legend

You can access the legend by selecting the last icon on the left side of the map; click the button and the legend will appear on the bottom-left. You can now view new fires plus potential growth, lightning strikes and air quality within a region. Each featured icon across a given area is defined by what shape and color it represents.

Wildfire Types 

The fire types are categorized based on the color and the shape of the icon. They determine factors like age, growth, size, status (active, contained, out, etc.) and more. 

Lightning Strikes

Since lightning strikes are known to cause wildfires, it is important to note the location or region and how frequently they occur. 

Air Quality

Wildfires impact air quality in the affected areas as well as surrounding regions. Stay updated on current and changing air quality levels.

Personalize Your Map

Creating a FWAC account allows you to easily personalize your fire map by toggling on and off the features that are most important to you.


FWAC tools don't just cover fire related incidents. The weather dashboard reports on winter weather, snow and road conditions sourced from government feeds, back country webcams and mountain snow forecasts.


The avalanche prediction model called Slope or No Slope allows back country recreationists to track and understand avalanche threats in their area or across the nation.

For more information and to view the listed services that FWAC provides head to their website at