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FR Face Mask Alternative - The Shape Shifter™ Neck Tube

The new Shape Shifter™ Neck Tube is a CAT 2, Arc 8.7 cal/cm² garment that meets the NFPA 70E standard for electrical safety in the workplace. It is designed to be a highly versatile garment that can "shift" into 5 alternate configurations (6 including the neck tube/gaiter). 

Constructed from a highly-flexible 4-way stretch fabric with built-in UPF 50+ sun protection, the Shape Shifter retains proper moisture management qualities that make it the perfect garment to bring with you on the job in multiple environments.


In the following video, DragonWear's Drew Melson walks through the various ways to wear the Shape Shifter and how to properly fold the garment into its different forms. 


Video Demonstration

The first configuration is the facial covering/face mask. It is particularly helpful alongside current public health rules and recommendations, especially for utility workers required to wear facial coverings while on the job.

Shape Shifter - Face Mask

To configure the garment as a face mask/covering:

  1. Pull the garment over the head and down to the neck. 
  2. Grab the slack and pull up over the mouth, nose and ears to offer full facial protection. (It does not need to cover the ears; this can vary depending on the preferred fit.)
  3. The Shape Shifter is 19" in length which leaves an ample amount of slack in the fabric to be folded down to create a dual layer of coverage.
  4. To create a dual-layer facial covering, pull the garment up over the nose and mouth as if you were creating a single layer of protection
  5. Fold the top portion that covers the face downward, and then pull the slack back up and over the face.


As previously mentioned, based on current CDC recommendations, many utility workers are required to wear some type of facial covering while on the job. Given that utility workers participate in strenuous physical activity, breathability and comfort are important factors.

Watch as Drew Melson explains how the Shape Shifter can be used as an FR face mask alternative during the COVID-19 crisis*.

*While some True North® & Dragonwear® accessory products, including the Shape Shifter™ provide facial coverage and protection, they are not intended to be worn as, or act as a replacement for proper industry-standard N95 masks with the purpose of preventing the spread, or risk of illness, disease, and viruses. True North® & Dragonwear® does not produce nor claim that its products are designed for the purpose of preventing the spread, or risk of illness, disease, and viruses. The information presented is meant to provide an alternative for facial coverage based on current CDC guidelines.


Video Demonstration

The next configuration of the Shape Shifter is the sun shroud (or hood/head scarf). This configuration is helpful for blocking out harsh rays from the sun, and extends the garment past the face for additional coverage from harmful UV rays and heat.

Shape Shifter Sun Shroud

To configure the garment as a sun shroud:

  1. Pull the garment over the head and keep it based at the neck as normal 
  2. Pull the slack up and over the head and past the face 
  3. The length to which the garment extends past the face is dependent on personal preference and how much sun/glare is necessary to block out
  4. To secure the garment in place, grab the extra slack from the chin and fold it back toward the face. Tuck this portion underneath the chin to "tighten" the fit around the face


Video Demonstration

The third configuration the Shape Shifter makes is the balaclava. This form will protect the face, head and neck, while leaving exposure for the eyes.

Shape Shifter - Balaclava

To configure the garment as a balaclava: 

  1. Pull the garment up and over the head as if you were creating the sun shroud configuration 
  2. Grab the extra slack, starting around the middle of the neck area 
  3. With this extra slack in hand, pull the garment down, and then up around the face and nose 
  4. Once set, the garment can be adjusted based on preference for comfort and the amount of facial coverage desired


Video Demonstration

The fourth configuration for the Shape Shifter is the beanie. The beanie is ideal for wicking sweat and moisture from the hair and forehead. While in the beanie configuration, the Shape Shifter can also be comfortably worn under a hard hat, creating a perfect layer for moisture control in warmer weather.

Shape Shifter - Beanie

To configure the garment into a beanie:

  1. Turn the garment inside out
  2. Look for the DragonWear label. Hold the garment so that this logo is at the top and facing away from you.
  3. Put the garment just over the top of the head so it fits snug around the forehead and the remaining slack hangs off. At this point, the DragonWear logo will be on the back of your head, facing out
  4. Grab the hanging portion of the garment and lift it above your head. Grip the fabric and twist 180 degrees
  5. With the slack twisted 180 degrees, pull the top opening of the garment back down and over the head
  6. (Optional) The garment can also be worn as pictured below and left to hang from the head
Shape Shifter - Headband


Video Demonstration

The final configuration Drew demonstrates in the video is the headband. This can be worn in lieu of a beanie to wick sweat from the forehead and keep it from dripping into the eyes.

  1. Grab the garment from either end
  2. Fold the mouth out (like in the shape of a doughnut) until the garment takes the shape of a headband
  3. The amount of folds recommended is based on how tall/thin or how compact/thick the wearer prefers


The Shape Shifter™ Neck Tube is constructed with a proprietary DragonWear® inherent FR fabric known as Pro Dry® Tech. The Tech fabric has unique 4-way stretch that excels as a performance fabric, allowing for excellent breathability and moisture management.

Let's take a quick look at what is "under the hood" of the Shape Shifter™ Neck Tube:

  • Inherently fire and arc-resistant
  • Protects against breathing in environmental elements
  • UPF 50+ rated sun protection
  • 4-way stretch for freedom of movement
  • Versatile design provides multiple options for wearing
  • Wash-and-wear durability
  • Anti-odor Silver Plus® fabric technology
  • Materials: DragonWear® Inherent Quad-Blend FR Fabric with added Spandex®: 6.2 oz/sq. yd

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