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Earth Day: New Traditions

History of Earth Day

Earth Day, held on April 22nd, marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Earth Day raises awareness about the environment with the goal of making it a better place. As the world celebrates Earth Day, so does our team at True North Gear.

See what happens around the world on this day.

Earth Day at True North Gear

Earth Day allows our team to be kind to our world in a small but significant way, and as the company continues to grow, so do our traditions. What started as an idea from the marketing team turned into something impactful for our community and the rest of the company.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Last year our team:

  • Picked up 9 bags of litter (including 2 bags from Windham, NH from out-of-state employees).
  • Used 15 bags of mulch to spruce up our gardens and revive our front parking lot. 
  • Picked up 16+ bags of yard waste.
  • Added 8 new plants. 
  • We met new colleagues and saw coworkers we haven’t seen in months (due to COVID).
  • Created awesome memories together! 

We’re excited to participate again this year and spruce up our corner of the neighborhood and collect litter off our streets.

First, to know

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