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The Big Easy Tool Backpack, What Every Lineman needs

Big and Spacious

The Big Easy Tool Backpack is DragonWear's tool backpack designed to carry all the essential equipment used by lineworkers. It contains one large main compartment of over 3700 cubic inches, a large front pocket, and two side pockets, totaling over 5,000 cubic inches of storage overall; enough to carry larger pieces (and even multiple sets) of gear like climbers, boots, and harnesses all together.

Easy For A Reason

The main compartment is designed with a 3/4 zip-around that allows the bag to front-load like a suitcase, providing efficient loading and easy access to the gear inside. From a durability standpoint, the backpack is made from 1680 Denier Ballistic Polyester fabric that provides an abrasion-resistant exterior with built-in grommets to drain any water and keep your gear dry. Additionally, the Ballistic Polyester fabric boasts a tensile strength of more than 400 pounds; what exactly does this mean? Tensile strength measures the rupture point at which the material will break apart if you apply significant force to each end.

The Game Changer

The Big Easy can withstand the strength of the toughest tug of war. The backpack is constructed with heavy-duty yarn that is large in diameter and resists over 400 pounds of pressure. Your pack will likely never need to hold up to that type of pressure. The pack's capacity should be measured by what the wearer's back can comfortably and safely carry. Our customers report that the pack can easily carry between 50-60 pounds of gear, and our in-house testing also confirms that this is a comfortable weight for most lineworkers. Some people may find a little less or a little more weight is acceptable according to their needs on the job.