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Our Favorite Wildfire App For A Fire Near You!

It’s fire season across the U.S. The time of the year when it stops raining and super dry vegetation can quickly become a raging wildfire leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

When you see smoke, you can bet there's a fire, but how do you keep track of developing fires in your county or across the country? Easy! With the Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center Android app or website.

In early 2020, True North Gear partnered with the Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center (FWAC) to help you keep track of wildfires, weather, and avalanches. FWAC's primary purpose is to help people like you make decisions about traveling and recreating in the backcountry and to support those involved in the public safety industry.

FWAC recently added new features to their already abundant list of essential tools. The new features include:

  • Evacuation maps

  • Drought monitors

  • Special URLs - can be used for country wildfire maps, which allows you to quickly see what’s happening in your local. The website also has evacuation maps for areas that experience natural disasters.

Why Are Fire Tracking Apps Important?

If disasters strike, you’ll do much better if you’re prepared. Wildfires spread quickly and leave a thick trail of smoke. Fire season brings poor air quality, dense smoke, potential evacuations, and road closures. Experiencing a wildfire is inevitable these days. A sizable portion of the population now lives in a fire zone or knows someone who does.

In some places wildfire season is year-round. FWAC is synced to information that lets you view where the most current fire activity is going on based on your search parameters. The site is user-friendly and provides information to backcountry locations where information is often hard to collect.

Local Dashboards (coming soon) - While it isn't currently available here is what it would offer you: The local dashboard can be used for county wildfire maps, allowing you to quickly see what’s happening in your local area. These dashboards also include evacuation maps for areas that experience natural disasters.

Learn more about our partnership with FWAC and the features their website has to offer on a story we did in April: We're Now Exclusive Partners with The Fire, Weather, & Avalanche Center


Become a FWAC donor, sponsor, or member and help distribute helpful information to your neighbors across the street, your friends across the country, or a stranger going hiking in the backcountry.
Your contribution will help keep FWAC with 

  • Satellite imagery
  • App updates
  • No pops and more

Read more on how your donation will help FWAC continue to be the app you love.