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Joe Nguyen

Production Manager

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quick facts

Hometown: Houston but I claim the PNW

Pets: Gus the red heeler

Personal Quote: "Are you going to finish eating that"

Favorite True North Product: Mainline Jacket

Because of the people I work with and for.

Nothing to see here; just another dude behind the curtain... I'm also technically... the production manager I suppose... I make stuff happen domestically + internationally + especially when no one's looking. I'm like the product fairy; if you're nice; you'll get it on time; if you love what we make + sell; you're welcome; if you don't... blame the guy before me; ha.

When Im not granting wishes; you can find me camping or hiking out in the middle of nowhere w/ my dog Gus or traveling w/ a broken compass + my trusty TRN hydration SOLO pack keeping me hydrated + alive.

Sorry to cut this short but my tuk tuk drivers leaving w/o me; BUY SOMETHING!


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