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Kelly Murphy

Key Account Specialist

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quick facts


Grand Island, NE  (A small city in central Nebraska, the flattest part of the state!)


I have a beautiful Siamese cat named Kitty, who was placed in my care by a friend. She has the bluest eyes ever. She also makes a good alarm clock (although not on the weekends) as she gently taps my arm and face with her paw as a way of announcing she wants her breakfast.

Personal Quote:

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T.S. Elliot

Favorite True North Product:

Women’s Exxtreme Jacket-This jacket provides great protection from the elements along with a sharp design. It keeps me warm and comfortable while riding my bike in the cool Pacific Northwest mountain air. It doesn’t hurt that it’s black……then everything matches!

It’s important to me to be involved with and contribute to a company which offers the highest quality life-saving products.  I also appreciate the family-owned culture and strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork. 

I’m a transplant to the Pacific Northwest from Nebraska. I started out in early 2013 in Yakima where all the good trout fishing is, but moved to the Seattle area recently for the rest of the cool stuff. 

I love to write and also am what I call a faux photographer. I can click on the little black button, but have no idea what all the settings mean and do on my camera!  Despite that, I have taken thousands of photographs since I’ve been here. My specialties are scenery of waterfalls and mountains, and I also enjoy visiting and photographing lighthouses.  I would be remiss in not mentioning the lure of the sea.  The best place I have found thus far was a state park on the Oregon coast. It had a lighthouse, several waterfalls, the sea view, and mountains behind it. You can’t beat that for sheer joy and appreciation for the beauty of nature. I love to travel and have been to 33 states with hopes of landing on European soil sometime in the next few years.  I was born in Italy (Air Force brat) and lived there until I was 4, so I want to go back at an age where I can remember all the sights.

And now for the important part…    At True North, I handle our key accounts and special orders.  It’s a privilege to serve our customers who are partners with us with supplying life-saving products to the end-user. I’ve been in customer service for nearly my entire career, and have had specialized training to ensure I can meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. 

On the side, I have worked as a volunteer for victims of crime for more than a decade, and have been at staging centers for SAR teams. I have seen firsthand the dedication of these behind-the-scenes heroes, which makes working at True North Gear all the more meaningful.


Oh, and if you know of a good trout fishing hole in the area, be sure to let me know. I’ll keep your secret!

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