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Natasha Zweig

Human Resources

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quick facts


The great neighborhood of Belltown, Seattle, though I tend to call wherever I’m currently sleeping “home.” i.e. if I’m travelling I’ll often say, “when I get home to the hotel…”


I currently only have a rescued Mexican Toe-hair named Pixel. She was palm-size and had no hair when she was found in the Southern Baja desert. She came home with me in my carry-on and was naturalized on July 4th at Sea-Tac – I thought the custom agents weren’t going to return her to me, they oohed and ahhed over her so much. Now she looks like a 20-pound cross between a fox and a golden retriever and people still ooh and ah over her.

Personal Quote:

“Why?”  or, Never be ashamed or afraid to ask questions.

Favorite True North Product:

 Right now, anything with pockets that will keep me warm and that I can wear in the office

Deep intentionality about how people are treated, whether customers or employees; truly living the values, not just putting them on the wall. The team. And, it’s such an honor to join Miss Layla in taking care of our people.

I was born on the East Coast but moved frequently as a child.  After college, I moved to Seattle because it had good coffee, it was near the water, and I could afford to live downtown. This is when I gave up on moving and embraced the West Coast lifestyle. I began with a meandering career through hospitality, law, and wealth management. Now, I am passionate about helping companies put people-practice systems in place that are repeatable and scalable and ultimately support a respectful, healthy, and fun culture. 


I have a non-profit that provides free spay/neuter services in the northern tip of the Yucatan, Mexico.  Twice a year a group of 30+ volunteers spend four days performing mash-style high-volume/high-quality surgeries; in 10 years we’ve impacted well over 5,000 animals. State-side, I love exploring Seattle’s restaurants, cooking with friends or just drinking wine with them, and rubbing Pixel’s tummy. 


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