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Simon Levin

Canadian Sales Manager

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quick facts

Hometown: Watford England- residing- Victoria BC

Pets: Dog- Viszla- name is Pele

Personal Quote: love life- and it'll love you back!

Favorite True North Product: Dragonwear Softshell - Can use it 90% of the year

Not only do we design innovative product that anyone would be proud to represent but it's a product that makes a difference out there. Ownership wants to make a difference to the lives of people that work for them and in turn- we get to make a difference to our customers and their everyday working environment. Love it!

There is always an opportunity to totally transform an environment for the better. But the foundation on which to build must be on a foundation of integrity. I believe the commitment we have to impact and make a difference to the people out in the daily elements.  By the care we take in designing our product, in the components we use to build it, and the manufacturers we use to produce it. The service we provide our customers right up to delivering it and beyond is such a foundation that I want to be a part of and I want to make all of the possible wearers in Canada a part of that too.


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