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We’ve committed to becoming Climate Neutral Certified!

Climate change impacts us all and is affecting you and me, right here in the places where we live, but we can fix it by working together. Starting this spring, we're partnering with The Change Climate Project to measure our 2021 carbon footprint, purchase carbon credits to offset it in its entirety, and implement plans to reduce our emissions moving forward.

We believe that businesses have the power to make real, meaningful progress in decreasing global carbon emissions. That's why we've committed to becoming Climate Neutral Certified. Instead of starting with all the data and facts on why we are addressing our carbon footprint, we will begin with why it matters to us. We value clean water, healthy forests, shared communities, and enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, and hunting.

Climate change poses an enormous challenge for the planet but isn't a lost cause. If customers support companies that offset and reduce their emissions, we can make incredible progress in funding climate change solutions and reducing our emissions. In turn, we can build a greener, healthier future for generations to come.

We're joining more than 300 other brands working to become Climate Neutral Certified. Get to know them here and keep an eye out for the label when you shop.

Learn About Our Sustainability Efforts

By supporting environmentally responsible companies, you play an essential role. The environment's health is integral to your wellbeing, both on the job and off. Since keeping lives safe is our primary mission, we are working toward making the land on which we live, play, and work safe and sustainable, now and in the future. That's why we are part of 1% for the Planet—where we give 1% of True North Gear's annual sales to environmental conservation.

Being part of 1% for the Planet is more than just donating funds to a network of nonprofits. It's being part of a global community comprised of companies and individuals like you with a singular goal: protecting our Planet and its resources for ourselves and our loved ones.

Want to learn more? Head to our 1% for the Planet page.

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